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Partner Community Testimonials


MOREways by MatherLifeways, Chicago IL

"Serality is passionate about helping communities of older adults—be it Villages, Senior Living communities, or neighborhood groups—connect virtually.  They believe that the older adult market is potent enough to attract support from community businesses. They put their full expertise and energy behind that belief.  Serality takes a rounded approach bringing in older adults, providers, businesses, and municipalities, and gives them a platform and a vision to build community and connections.  On top of all that, the team is great fun and tireless."

Carla Windhorst, Vice President of Community Initiatives (retired), Mather Lifeways,

The Boxwood Alliance, Westchester County, NY

"While I normally hesitate to speak in superlatives about a new service, it's been a little over a year since I began working with Serality.  Granted, my own learning curve has been steep, which might suggest that I am easily amazed.  But the more I learn about Serality's website, the more there is to know and the more enthusiastic I become.   I can speak only in glowing terms about the wealth of functionality, instruction and friendly support that I have experienced across the board with Serality, from founders to college interns.  The tools are well thought out and offer opportunities to encourage older adults in our area to learn how to use the internet (and technology in general) safely and confidently.  Their patient attention to guidance and instruction are a tribute to strong customer service values that each of our organizations will want to emulate with our own customers.

Serality's social enterprise business model is also an easy fit with my own board's thinking about what older adults need in order to remain safely in their communities.  We were thrilled to realize that Serality had already integrated the essential elements of our business model into its website:  Raising awareness through the Events calendar, Community Forum, news feeds and more; mobilizing resources through its Community Connections listing where users can give their own experience ratings and where organizations in the same geographic area can share this information; managing community resources through a host of teams, communications and meeting resources; and, finally, sustaining the enterprise through an online store and sponsorship sales. 

Arguably, each aging in place community may differ in needs and values, and each aging in place organization may prefer a different approach.  The flexibility of Serality's products and services accommodate a wide range of business models.  But it is their overall vision that impresses the most.  Serality has set the standard high and promises to lead an entire generation of social entrepreneurs into the aging field just as the Baby Boom realizes that it ought to pay attention".

Catherine (Kitty) Wynkoop, PhD, Chairman, The Boxwood Alliance,

North Shore Village, Evanston IL

"I have come to regard Serality as a technology enabler with a soul. Through this pilot program, we are transforming the North Shore Village website into the primary communication and information vehicle for our members. But more than that, we are creating an online community that mirrors the connectivity and support our members find in the Village. Moreover, it is safe, secure and accessible."

Helen Gagel, Executive Director, North Shore Village,

Lincoln Park Village, Chicago IL

"The challenges facing older adults today are significant, but so are the opportunities. Serality came to us with ideas that really resonated with our vision for the Village's future, and our participation in the pilot program has been a true collaboration. Serality has deep listeners who are resourceful, accessible, and smart. The process of implementing the new website has stretched our thinking about how to use technology going forward."

Dianne Campbell, Founding Executive Director, Lincoln Park Village,

A Little Help, Denver CO

"Our original web site was set up by a local webmaster. He taught me how to make minor changes in it and I maintained the web site for five years. When we were considering making major improvements to our web site, we found out about Serality.

We were impressed with how completely Serality has planned for the needs of a Village. We had frequent contacts with Jim and others at Serality Support as we added new information, uploaded members, and learned about all the built-in functions. We have had truly personal support, with quick response to our questions. I am pleased with the Serality Support web site, with video and text documentation." 

Bill Eichelberger, co-founder of Washington Park Cares (now A Little 

Aging in Place White Plains, White Plains, NY

At a meeting during the summer of 2011 we heard a presentation by Serality about the services they could offer us as a new Aging-in-Place Organization about to launch. We knew that we wanted to have an internet presence, but had no clear path to achieving that goal. Here was the opportunity to have a live, robust web presence, up and running, in time for opening day. Not only did we meet that goal, but in the year since then, we have had every reason to be delighted with our decision. Support is always ready at hand, in a web-based Q and A forum, helpful YouTube videos, and personal assistance by phone. Our website is everything we might have desired, and includes many features we wouldn't have even thought of, and some we may yet use! It serves us as an information-filled public face to the world, as a password-protected resource for our members, and also as an online office, where our records and documents can be stored, searched and retrieved by our leadership. Quite honestly, thinking back to our planning stage, I have no idea how we would have come up with anything of this quality had we not been introduced to Serality. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for their support.

Paul Schwarz Co-President, Aging in Place in White Plains (NY)

Wellesley Friendly Aid Association

"With Serality's software, we can manage the website for our nonprofit organization with ease. Board members can access the private side of the site to view our calendar and important documents. And with Serality's tools, we have built a database to track our various constituencies -- donors, clients and volunteers -- a first for us and a long-time goal. The Serality team is very responsive; they listen to our particular needs and work with us to develop productive solutions."

Peter Johannsen, President, Wellesley Friendly Aid Association