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At Serality we believe the future of successful aging depends on organized, intelligent real-life communities.  Our community-management software and private online communities were designed expressly for organizations whose missions include serving older adults.

A growing number of communities use Serality's platform to provide older adults with the information, resources, opportunities, products, and services they need to age well.

Independent Living and Senior Services Independent Living and Senior Services

Serality provides the enabling technology to help you reach older adults living in your surrounding community.  Perhaps you've been considering extending your service area by allowing community members that wish to age in place to take advantage of classes, social activities, affordable transportation, meals or even medical care. Or maybe you are starting a "without walls" program to provide in-home services.

In either case, by using the Serality technology and leveraging your existing assets (people, equipment, physical space), you have the means to reach a broader segment of older adults.  Extend your brand by creating a purposeful, trustworthy channel for the products and services needed to age well.

You can use the Serality tools to easily build a custom portal and use it as the launching point for offering new services. If older adults in your community trust you with their postoperative health or rehabilitation needs, might they also trust you to provide a meal, a safety check or transportation?

The vast majority of older adults living today will not enter a senior living arrangement but will require services in order to stay in their homes.  Extend your reach and better utilize your existing facilities all while making your brand the brand for healthy aging.

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Non-Profit & Volunteer Organizations Non-Profit & Volunteer Organizations

Serality provides Nonprofit and Volunteer organizations serving older adults with the essential online tools to start or take your existing local organization to the next level.

We built this technology to serve village to village, faith-based and other community nonprofits.

Mission driven community groups need an integrated operating platform both to launch and sustain themselves through all phases of organizational growth.  

Serality's platform enables organizations to be efficient with their resources, more effective in fulfilling their missions, scalable as needs grow and economically sustainable as an integral part of the larger community.

We provide a public website for community outreach; announce your existence, publish your calendar of events, informational content, how to join... and engage your fellow community members in what is happening.

As the organization grows members will collaborate together in the member portal on projects, events  and shared interests. The leadership will keep track of potential members, members, volunteers and vendors while communicating about upcoming events, opportunities and other benefits of membership. The organization will also need to sustain itself financially, while engaging with other local non-profits and businesses. 

Take a look at our "Features" pages for more specific information or request a demo here.

Government Government

Serality's platform can also assist local municipal government agencies as they pursue older adult membership programs such as those used in senior centers or city wide intra- organizational or intra-neighborhood collaborative efforts in which mutliple groups are involved. 

Harnessing the social, political and economic power of older adults in a low fee membership program can build civic focus and align interests for community activism on behalf of older adults.

As in other cases the platform delivers the community website for outreach and all the back office tools required to keep members and volunteers organized. The Community Connections application fosters a sponorship relationship between local businesses and members that serves the dual purpose of supporting local customers (who are also long term residents) while offering attractive specials to the members themselves. 

Members will have ample opportunity to collaborate on projects, events, membership sponsored meetings, or personal interests using tools like the calendar, message board, document repository and wiki. The leadership team will have an easy way to communicate via email with members, meet on-line, share documents and manage the business of the organization.

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Health Care Organizations Health Care Organizations

Health Care providers in the world of accountable care organizations will begin to reach out to the older adults in the communities they serve. They will offer information for healthier aging, and help in navigation of the health care service system today. 

These programs will require a way to keep track of these community members so that a two way dialog can be established, away from the normal channel. 

There are volunteer organizations associated with these efforts in he community and the Volunteer Management inside Serality Suite will help harness the spirit of volunteerism in the local community - organizing rides to appointments, walking groups or diet support teams. 

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