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Serality Web

Put your best face forward

These days it's important to have a great website that reflects the quality and character of your real-life community. Serality provides your community with a hosted website and the tools you need to make it your own. You can keep your own URL ( or we can give you one. We have model websites that are a great starting point. Just add your community's special flavor and you're on the way!

Questions? Send us a note, we will get right back to you!

Designed for older eyes and newer computer users

Our templates are designed for those of us who may not be able to read that bottom line of the eye-chart anymore. Easy to see and use navigation ensures that less sophisticated users don't get lost.

Style and Substance

A website needs to be more than just a pretty face. That is why Serality is working with nationally recognized organizations to get content that can be re-published on your site. Whether it is wellness information, Medicare tips, or thoughts on caregiving, our partners provide an array of great content to compliment your own.

Template Driven

A "blank page" can be very intimidating. Serality provides "pre-fab" websites with recommended site-maps and page layouts. Communities can just add their own branding, content, and colors and be up and running in days. The advantage to this approach is that even non-technical folks can be operational right away. If you want a more customized solution we can work with you to provide access to more tools and the training needed to use them.

Easy to use editing tools

Editing content on the pages is simple. By clicking the edit button of a 'web content display', users can create and edit text, fonts, images, etc. just as in a word processing program. To save changes made in the editing tool, the user clicks 'publish' and all edits will be instantly reflected on the live web page. In sum, what you see in the web content display is what you get on the page. This method, 'What You See IWhat You Get', otherwise known as WYSIWYG, is how Serality's editing tools work.


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