Finding Service Providers

Our Process

The BrooklineCAN committee responsible for screening contractors, plumbers, electricians, handymen, etc. has been collecting data for the past several months.

Committee members have:

  • Verified that these service providers have the proper license and insurance for their profession.
  • Made sure that there are no complaints or outstanding cases against them with the:
    • Attorney General's Office
    • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    • Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR)
  • Asked for and checked their references.

You must:

  • Determine whether the services offered meet your needs.
  • Decide if the price is fair.
  • Judge the quality of the work and the professionalism of the people.

We can't:

  • Recommend service providers or guarantee their work performance. Someone recommended each of them to us, but we have no way to judge their work.

Hiring someone to come to your home and make changes is complicated. Morrison Remodeling, one of our listed service providers, has put together an article called "How to Select a Remodeling Contractor." Much of what they have to say applies to projects other than remodeling. It's long, but well worth reading.

This list is just a beginning. In the near future, we will be adding other service providers once we have verified their qualifications and have at least three in each category.

The best way for us to offer the widest possible choice of service providers is for you to send us your recommendations. To do this, simply click on Contractor Survey and complete the questionnaire.

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Disclaimer: Inclusion of services through this program does not represent a recommendation or guarantee of work performance from the Brookline Council on Aging, the Brookline Senior Center, or the Brookline Community Aging Network.