Advocacy and Action

Senior Picnic at Amory Park - Photo by Jean Stringham

Brookline is already a highly attractive community for older people. The town's housing, services, transportations options, and parks make it an excellent place to live for people of all ages.

The Livable Community Advocacy Committee calls attention to Brookline's outstanding qualities and advocates for changes that will make Brookline a better community. The committee expects to collaborate with other organizations as they seek community improvements.

The committee holds open meetings on a regular basis and invites all community residents to attend meetings and join the committee.

The committee has taken these initiatives:

The livable community theme has attracted a good deal of attention nationally among advocates for older people. A particularly valuable resource is the Livable Community evaluation guide developed by AARP's Public Policy Institute: (Click to download PDF.) Another resource for the committee is Partners for Livable Communities, a national nonprofit organization.